Little Paris Kitchen: Cooking with Rachel Khoo

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Passionate, internationally-influenced ‘culinary creative’ Rachel Khoo believes that delicious French food is no longer the preserve of fancy Michelin starred restaurants. For the last year, this unconventional Cordon Bleu-trained cook and writer has run the smallest restaurant in Paris from her charming little flat. With only enough room to serve four guests, it is here that she has perfected her special twists on classic French dishes. In this series, Rachel invites you to sample her own distinctive ‘Parisian Cookbook’, throwing tired clichés out of the window and taking you on a beautiful and surprising edible adventure. Over six episodes, Rachel produces everything from simple suppers to sumptuous patisserie and beautiful gourmet dinners. She is also a vibrant and engaging guide to the hidden parts of Paris, bringing viewers into the markets and shops where she sources the best ingredients, and introduces charming characters.