One study found that 27.4% of adults take at least one nap a week. But what are the benefits of napping? What is the ideal duration? MyZen TV tells you more.

The benefits of a nap in a few points :

  • It allows you to regain energy and dynamism.
  • A nap allows you to regain your full alertness and attention.
  • It improves your mood.
  • Naps stimulate memory and learning abilities.
  • It reduces stress and cardiovascular risks.
  • Naps strengthen our immune system.
  • It rebalances the nervous system.

What is the ideal duration of a nap?

  • 10 to 20 minutes: it will improve vigilance and concentration and regain energy.
  • 30 minutes: a nap length to be avoided as it can cause sleep inertia, in other words, cut off a cycle, which will make you even more tired.
  • 60 minutes: a nap of this length improves memory.
  • 90 minutes: 1.5 hours is a full sleep cycle. This improves concentration, memory and alertness.

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