With Christmas just around the corner, gift wrap is fast becoming a must-have! Although it can be very pretty, and we love to tear it, it's not environmentally friendly at all, thanks to its extremely short lifespan. MyZen TV offers several alternatives to traditional gift wrap.

  • Fabrics: inspired by the Japanese furoshiki method, wrap your gifts in pieces of fabric or scarves
  • Reusable bags: place your gifts in cloth bags, for example
  • Edible packaging: use edible packaging (such as banana leaves), which can then be eaten or composted
  • Creative reuse: you can salvage materials you already have at home, such as road maps, sheet music, calendars or pages from old newspapers, which will add a vintage touch

Bonus: For writing recipients' names, opt for reusable labels (such as miniature slates) rather than paper stickers.

Not only do these alternatives reduce the amount of waste you produce, they also add a touch of creativity and personalization to your gifts.

MyZen TV wishes you a happy festive season!