The documentary series Ways to School arrives this week on MyZen TV! It follows children who live in the four corners of the globe and share the same thirst for learning. They understand that education is the only way to improve their lives, and that's why every day, in incredible landscapes, they embark on a high-risk journey that will lead them to knowledge.

Watch the first two episodes this Friday, April 5:

Erbol, Kirghizia, at 7:30pm

Erbol, 12, lives in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. His horse, Bourou, is his only way to get tohis school, located many miles away from the farm where he lives with his parents. Morning and evening, during the winter, he rides for three hours through a desert of ice.

Erbol, Kirghizia

Olivier and Francklyn, Madagascar, at 8:00pm

Francklyn is 13, and Olivier, 14. The two brothers live in the southwest of Madagascar, an isolated area of the island, where you have to fight drought and locusts that ruin the crops regularly. Every Sunday they began a 5 hours walk in the sweltering heat, to reach the shack next to the school where they live away from their family.

Olivier and Francklyn, Madagascar

Ways to School is on MyZen TV every Friday at 7:30pm.