With the upcoming cold weather, our immune system is put to a test. Viruses attack us more easily. To stay in top health, MyZen TV recommends three foods that will help boost your immune system and fight against viruses !

Garlic : an aly against viruses

garlic to fight against viruses

Not unexpectedly, garlic has been one of the most trustworthy allies of our immune system since antiquity. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are well known. In addition, its high level of sulphur inhibits bacterial growth.

Garlic is therefore very effective in fighting against minor infectious winter illnesses such as colds and sore throats.

Fight against viruses with some Kale

kale to fight against viruses

An unexpected food good for our health! Kale is full of vitamin C, a powerful ally against viruses. Indeed, it stimulates immune reactions, increases the production of antibodies, protects the blood vessel walls, helps to assimilate iron and to heal wounds.

Regular intake prevents first symptoms and can slow down an infection. It is recommended to consume about 110 mg per day of vitamine C. And the good news is that kale contains 145mg per 100g!

Honey to boost your immune system

honey to fight against viruses

Honey contains propolis which is an excellent asset to boost one's immune system. Antiviral, anti-inflammatory, it facilitates the development of antibodies.

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