Scotland is certainly one of Europe's most beautiful destinations. The beauty of its landscapes is matched only by the splendour of its thousand-year-old culture. If you'd like to visit Sean Connery's homeland, there's plenty to choose from. The traditional lochs or the Glen coe are certainly magnificent, but there are some more intimate places that are just as breathtaking: the Scottish islands. Today, My Zen TV invites you to discover 3 unusual Scottish islands that are a must-see.

Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye in Scotland

Let's start this list with the superstar of the Scottish islands: Skye. Renowned for its exceptional geological formations, Skye offers you a concentration of Scotland in 1656 km2 . The island can easily be visited in 4 days, from Portree to Dunvegan Castle, via the famous Old Man of Storr. But the real attraction of the Isle of Skye lies in the countless natural landscapes and waterfalls to be discovered without moderation.

While remaining in moderation, don't hesitate to discover Skye's incredible whisky, renowned the world over.

The island of Iona

The island of Iona in Scotland

A small inland island on the west coast of Scotland, Iona is home to one of the oldest centres of Christianity in Western Europe. Founded by Saint Columba of Iona, the abbey was established in 563. As if set in the middle of the sea, the abbey attracts pilgrims and day-trippers alike.

Barra Island

Barra Island in Scotland

To round off this selection, we bring you one of Scotland's most unusual experiences! Landing on a sandy beach discovered at low tide. Once these adventures are over, you'll have plenty of time to admire the marvellous scenery, discover Scottish culture and even some very rare flowers.

You now know 3 unusual Scottish islands that are a must-see.

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