Why should you go on a trip alone?

You want to go on a trip but you don't have anyone to come with you? We know very well how difficult it can be to take the leap. To help you, MyZen TV gives you 4 good reasons to travel alone. It's time to be bold!

Travel alone to find yourself

You are in a routine of sleeping and working ? It's time to break your habits and travel! You don't need to leave for three weeks, especially if you are going solo for the first time. Most of the time, a few days are enough to catch your breath and escape from your daily routine. In a short period of time, you won't have time to feel lonely, we promise!

Get out of your comfort zone

We all have that little comfort zone that is hard to get out of. Going on a trip alone is a big challenge, one of the biggest when it comes to getting out of that infamous comfort zone. So, take a moment to think about how it might benefit your self-confidence if you manage to take on such a big challenge. Wouldn't it be extremely satisfying to have only yourself to congratulate for a fabulous adventure? Indeed, when you are alone on a trip, you can't rely on anyone. In short, it is a wonderful way to discover yourself.

Go at your own pace

How annoying can it be to go with people who don't want to do the same things as you! Adjusting to the desires and schedules of others can be a real headache! On the contrary, when you are alone, it's easier, you can do whatever you want! If you wish to spendyour stay in a hotel or to hike non-stop for 4 days, no one can stop you!

Meet new people

It is always easier to meet new people when you are alone. Indeed, it may seem paradoxical, but traveling alone allows you to open up to others whereas you tend to stay only with your friends when traveling in a group or in pairs.

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