Have you ever had that feeling of intense fatigue as soon as you wake up? A stiffness that disrupts the start of your day? After a night of sleep, the first few minutes of waking up are important. Use these few moments to boost your day. Here are 5 yoga postures to do in the morning before going to work..

1) The child posture

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This is the most popular position. It works well and is simple. To do this, get on your hands and knees to stretch your back. Lower your hips down to your ankles, leaning forward as much as possible, with your arms straight on the floor and your palms against the mat. Stay in this position for a few seconds and relax...

2) The cat position

La position du chat 

Bring out your animal side! Just like a cat that relaxes, simply perform the same position. Keep both knees anchored in the ground and arms outstretched, while making movements from the pelvis to the head. With a rounded back and a hollow stomach, this position gently awakens the spine.

3) Stretching the flanks

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On the other hand, it is one of the few positions that can be performed standing. Here, it will be a question of working on the horizontal parts of the body, i.e., to stretch the sides. 

For that, your hands and your forefingers are pointed upwards, while stretching your arms. Then, rotate from right to left, with a deep breath between each movement. This stretch also works the abdominals.

4) The cobra

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Transform yourself into a snake... Encouraging you to open your shoulders, this position acts directly on the muscles of the spine. Start by lying on your stomach with your palms on the mat and your arms outstretched. Stretch your feet as far apart as possible. Push your chin toward the sky and tilt your head back, away from your shoulders. This stretch seeks to open the body to the fullest.

5) The warrior's posture

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The warrior position brings energy and stability to the body in the morning. Bend your right knee, and extend your left knee with your foot facing out. Then, put your arms in the air on either side, parallel to the ground, with your right leg forward. Stay in this position for a few minutes and tighten your abs! 

Now you know 5 yoga postures to do in the morning before going to work.

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