Brittany is a dream destination. From the beaches of Morbihan to the fortified cities like Concarneau, you will fall in love with the beauty of this region. But Brittany is also a place where you can do great activities all year long to relax and discover the charm of this beautiful region. For that, MyZen TV proposes you today 5 things to do in Brittany, France!

Visit the city of Rennes

Cathedral of Rennes : 5 things to do in Brittany
Cathedral of Rennes

For history lovers, the city of Rennes is a place to visit! Indeed, it is famous for its cathedral, but also for its other medieval buildings. Moreover, take the opportunity to discover the Lices market, regularly awarded as one of the most beautiful markets in France. It will be the ideal occasion to taste the traditional "galette saucisse", a must of the region.

Stroll on the pink granite coast

The pink granite coast: 5 things to do in Brittany
The pink granite coast

What a beautiful coast! Indeed, the Bretons have nothing to envy to the creeks of Marseille or the red rocks of the French Riviera. In fact, the pink granite coast offers breathtaking landscapes. And the best way to visit the pink granite coast is to go hiking along the coast. GR 34A / GR 34B / GR 34 you are spoilt for choice!

Visit the Gulf of Morbihan

Visit the Gulf of Morbihan: 5 things to do in Brittany

The Gulf of Morbihan is certainly the most beautiful thing to do in Brittany. Discover the myriad of islands with their beautiful beaches and recharge your batteries in the wilderness of Brittany!

Discover seafood

Seafood: 5 things to do in Brittany

Brittany is THE destination for all seafood lovers. Discover the incredible variety of shellfish that the region has. Take the opportunity to taste the famous oysters, mussels and scallops that Brittany offers. Excellent for the health, they can be tasted everywhere and in particular in the restaurants of seaside like in Saint-Malo or Concarneau.

Visit the castles of Brittany

Castle of Fougères: 5 things to do in Brittany
Castle of Fougères

Think a bout the Breton castles for your road trip! Discover the castles of Fougères, Josselin and Vitré which are the most famous, while exploring the surroundings and tasting the Breton specialties, between galettes and pancakes.

You now know 5 things to do in Brittany, France!

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