In June, MyZen TV offers you some useful tips to start yoga gently and at your own pace.

For the summer, practice yoga outdoors ©pixabay

Yoga, a philosophy of life

Many people refuse to place yoga in the category of sport. They are wrong! In fact, yoga is not only a sport, it is a true doctrine that teaches you wisdom and emotional well-being. In addition to working on the joints and muscles, the practice of yoga ensures a true psychological balance. An ancestral art that MyZen TV would recommend to you!

Yoga, a sport to start in short sessions

It is better to do small sessions, daily, rather than large ones. Listen to your body, give it time to get used to this new sport. If you feel that you can't take it anymore, give yourself a break. Everything in its own time, everyone has its own rhythm, take the time and start gently!

Yoga, a philosophy adapted to everyone

There is no absolute truth in yoga. Each profile has its own type of yoga! Certain body types will favor one yoga posture over another. The motto: never compare yourself to your neighbor.

Yoga, an universal tradition


Who said that yoga was not for everyone? Stop the myths! There are many types of yoga, each adapted to the needs of each person. Ask around and find the one that suits you.

Yoga, a practice that takes its time


Your body is a temple. Take the time to listen to it, to (re)discover it, to know its needs. Don't forget that yoga is above all a time for relaxation!

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