Back pain, the disease of the century? That's what the OpinionWay survey seems to say, which attests that 9 out of 10 French people have already encountered this problem. Bad posture, anxiety, bad diet: many factors can explain these back pains, especially in a young population that should not have to suffer from them. MyZen TV suggests 5 yoga postures to anticipate and provide lasting relief from these problems.

Among these French people, 52% claim to take medication to ease this suffering. However, there are much healthier and natural solutions than painkillers. To begin with, the practice of yoga is essential for the balance of the body.

The child's posture

This is the simplest and most effective posture of the discipline. It consists of bending forward, sitting on the back of your legs, knees on the ground, and stretching your arms far out in front to relax your spine. Then, you just have to take ten long breaths in and out to accompany your muscles in this exercise.

© Katee Lue

The cat pose

This is one of the most complete postures to touch all the areas in your back that can cause you pain. To put it into practice, there is nothing more simple. You just have to position yourself on all fours, like a cat, to spread your legs so that they are parallel to your hips. Then take a deep breath while raising your head towards the ceiling so as to create a hollow in your lower back. When you exhale, do the opposite movement by bringing your head between your arms and out your hips so as to create a round back. This posture will relax your entire back, from the neck to the lower back. And you wonder why cats never get back pain?

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The pigeon posture

Yogis definitely love animals! This posture will be particularly beneficial to you if you suffer from sciatica or back pain. On your yoga mat, stretch your left leg backwards and your right leg folded on itself forward. Be careful, it pulls! Keep this posture for at least 3 times 20 seconds, alternating from one leg to the other. In the end, it is a minimum of 120 seconds of stretching that awaits you with the pigeon posture.

© yanalya

The upward facing dog posture

This posture is one of the most famous in yogic practice and for good reason: it is easy to do and its benefits are multiple! Lie face up with the tops of your feet on the floor. With your arms slightly apart on either side of your chest, lift your entire upper torso. Only your thighs should touch the floor. Feel free to stretch your face as much as possible towards the sky, as an extension of your body's stretch. Keep this position for 5 breaths in and out. The upward facing dog works on the muscular development of the back, the spine and a little more, the abdominal muscles!

The lotus posture with the chest forward

This posture is very useful for relieving sciatica pain by exercising the buttocks area. Sit cross-legged (it's best if your feet are up on your thighs) and bend forward, stretching your arms as far as possible. Stay in this position for at least 20 seconds. You should feel a tightness in the back and in your buttocks. This posture is designed to strengthen your glutes muscles to relieve your sciatica.

© yanalya

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