It's hard to live without them… Phones are an important part of our lives. But sometimes they can be toxic. So, how can we live without them? Or more precisely, how can we evaluate our screen consumption and make it better ? Here are three steps to start a digital detox:

The first step to a digital detox is very simple: take note of what you want to change in your relationship with your phone. Also, take a moment to observe how you feel after going on your favourite applications. How is your mood? Do you feel better or worse? The aim is not to deprive yourself of your phone, but to learn how to use it for better purposes!

Secondly, turn off the alerts/notifications. The benefits will be instantaneous: no more sound alerts, notifications, vibrations, lights in the middle of the night, which are really disturbing for your attention!

Thirdly, delete applications that are useless to you. Do you really need to have so many? Delete the applications that are time consuming. You can always consult them on your computer!

So, are you ready to start a digital detox?

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