Ginger has been known for many decades for its many virtues for the body and mind. Some people even use it as an aphrodisiac... Today, let's take a look at the benefits of ginger, a surprising spice!

The origins of ginger

Ginger is a rhizome belonging to the turmeric family. Considered a "superfood" in Europe, it originated in India and China. Ginger is often used in cooking to give a spicy touch to dishes.

Beware, real ginger is grated and not eaten in the pink plastic bag that you find in Asian fast-food restaurants...

It is important to know how to choose your ginger. Choose the freshest root possible! This will allow you to keep it for a long time. Here's a tip: take a ginger with a very light colour. Be careful, it should have a fresh and spicy scent.

The benefits of ginger

But ginger is above all a spice with multiple virtues:

  • It treats everyday ailments such as nausea, headaches, colds, etc.
  • It is a "powerful" aphrodisiac
  • It contains antioxidants which protect cells from free radicals
  • It is an anti-inflammatory: it can reduce pain associated with arthritis
  • It helps to improve digestion
  • It fights against tiredness
  • It prevents cardiovascular diseases

How to consume it?

Ginger tea
Ginger tea

Indeed, ginger is the perfect food to have in your cupboard! But how to consume it? Admittedly, ginger has a rather peculiar taste, but you don't need to use a lot of it to enjoy its benefits. Whether you add it to a marinated dish, a soup, an herbal tea, a cocktail, a cake or even as a food supplement, there are a thousand and one ways to eat ginger! But the best of all is freshly cut ginger...

So, have we convinced you to have ginger in your cupboard?

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