As part of our month dedicated to men, MyZen TV invites you to discover some tips on how to take care of your beard!

A ritual you should adopt to take care of your beard !

The basic ritual for maintaining your beard is easy to remember: moisturise your face and nourish the hair

Indeed, a good moisturizing prevents tightness and itching. Moreover, the skin usually lacks of moisture because of the hairs hiding it.

Thus, nourishing the hair will provide softness and a clean and elegant look.

A little comb ?

Brushing is essential to take care of your hair. However, it obviously depends on the size of your beard. It is therefore important to detangle your hair with a comb or a suitable brush. Always use natural materials such as wood. It is less aggressive and prevents damaging or breaking your hair.

In addition, don't forget that brushing has a cleansing action. It removes impurities and dead hairs.

Don't forget the scissors!

How to take care of your beard?

This is a crucial step for a well-groomed beard. Whether on a daily basis or occasionally, it helps to give your beard structure.

Trimming your beard boosts the growth of your hair, makes it more resistant and also allows you to keep a perfect shape. This can be done with a hoof trimmer or a good pair of scissors for stubborn hairs.

If you want expert advice to know how to take care of your beard, a good barber will help you get a good foundation by giving your beard the right shape.

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