Take some time for yourself by discovering our new weekly event: MyZen Time-off. An opportunity to (re)discover our programmes! Every Sunday in December, from 4.30 to 6.00 pm, MyZen TV offers you a special "Family Time" selection.


Family Trip

Many things have been tried to solve ecological and economic crises. But not quite like this one. Fred and Laure decided to embark in a trailer with their two children, Martin and Chine, on a journey where theses crises were solvable. For five years, they filmed real solutions and those who put them into practice across 5 continents and 40 countries. The result is a window into the world of tomorrow, as it could be.

Parisian Style

Constance Gennari, founder of the website The Socialite Family, takes us with her on her tour of Paris to meet modern and stylish families who have chosen to invest in houses where every single detail has been well thought of and planned. Far from being a simple visit, Constance allows us to experience the every-day lives of these families for whom decoration has become a true passion, almost a mission. Be they amateurs or experts, members of Parisian Style all have at heart to arrange interiors that resemble them and in which the whole family feels good, but always in style!

The Ambassadors of Hope

The AMBASSADORS OF HOPE is a collection of eleven stars portraits who get involved and use their notoriety to serve causes that are dear to them. These celebrities shake up their image because of their conviction and to serve an ideal. Each episode presents an extraordinary association that provides concrete answers to an ever-increasing number of challenges. For these ambassadors, becoming a spokesperson for the voiceless is a choice. With their eyes full of hope, they share their experiences.

Family Routes

Leane Robinson and Dwayne Wohlgemuth embark on a summer-long canoe trip through the pristine territories of northwestern Canada. But they don't go alone because they take their two children with them: Emile, four years old, and Aleski, one year old. Together, they will face the difficulties that inevitably arise when one wants to experience such a comeback to nature.

My Zen Family

Family stories, couple stories, baby stories… Simple and tender at the same time. My Zen Family invites you to follow four young couples as they are waiting for their child to arrive. For some of them, this will be the first. How will they cope with the stress and excitement that come hand in hand with the arrival of a new life?

Food Nanny

Liz hits the road to find families struggling with family dinner—whether because of digital distractions, busy schedules, lack of cooking experience, or picky eaters— and brings them back on to the dinner table in this new reality series.

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