E17 | Julie's Frenchy Cookbook | The flavors of chocolate


  • Tuesday 17th October at 15:20

  • Tuesday 17th October at 18:30

Today, the gluttons should not be disappointed since chocolate is in the spotlight. Discovered by the Mayans 2500 years ago and then more widely by the Aztecs, chocolate is today one of the favorite products in the world. And make no mistake about it: just as the kitchen has its great chefs, chocolate also has its great chocolatiers. As for recipes, Julie will introduce you to a cake that is only made in Saint Émilien and which combines chocolate with macarons, before heading to the Basque Country for a dessert to spice you up. We will then climb up the mountain to meet a Swiss cook. Finally, you will see that chocolate has several surprises in store for us: it has many virtues and is also used for well-being.

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