You want to go on a road trip for the holidays and you don't know how to prepare it? MyZen TV gives you some advice to prepare for your road trip.

Choose the destination and prepare the route

First of all, you have to choose the destination where you want to go. A road trip in France? In Europe? On another continent? This choice is made according to your desires but also according to your budget. Indeed, a road trip in America will not generate the same costs as a road trip in France (if you are European): vehicle rental on site, plane tickets...

Once you have found your destination, you need to prepare the your itinerary. It is also important to define the visits and monuments you want to see in order to shape your itinerary the best way possible.

Choose your transport

Once you have chosen your destination, it is time to choose your way of transport.

There are different ways to travel: by car, van, camper van, bike or motorbike. The choice depends on the type of holiday you want. A sporty holiday? Go for the bike if you are physically fit.

If you want a comfortable holiday, a camper van is the right solution. If you are planning to stay in a tent or with a local, the car may be sufficient, especially if you have a smaller budget.

As a compromise between the motorhome and the car, there is the van.

Finally, for an unusual escapade and if you have a licence, a motorbike road trip can be an unforgettable experience.

Plan your budget

The budget allocated to your trip must be planned in advance to avoid unpleasant consequences when you return from your holiday. Preparing this budget will allow you to anticipate your expenses.

You need to think about all the expenses: the rent or purchase of the vehicle, petrol, repair costs and administrative costs such as insurance. Finally, you need to define the budget allocated to the hotel or campsite, the meal budget and the outings and activities budget.

Packing your bags

When you finally know the place you wish to go to, your way of transport and your budget, it is time to prepare your luggage. This is a very important step to prepare a few weeks or even months in advance depending on the duration of your adventure (at least to gather the necessary equipment).

Our first piece of advice is to make lists that you can check at each step of your packing so that you don't forget anything. This way, it will be easier for you to know what you have already packed and what you have not. Keep in mind that on a road trip, any space you save is precious: only take what you need.

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