Mushrooms have many virtues and are often found on our plates. In dishes with sauce, pan-fried or in salad, mushrooms are part of our daily diet. But what are their virtues? Discover the benefits of mushrooms for the body!

A mix of benefits

Autumn and winter are good times for mushroom picking. Everywhere in our woods and forests, many researchers with baskets and Opinel in hand walk the paths in search of a precious harvest. However, we often forget the benefits of this eukaryote!

Firstly, the mushroom is rich in iron, minerals and B vitamins. It is the only plant capable of producing vitamin D, mushrooms contain a high dose of protein, as well as vitamins B2, B3, B5.

In addition, its nutrients strengthen our bones, stimulate our immune system, and maintain a healthy skin. In mushrooms, we also find iron, zinc, copper and selenium.

An ally for weight loss and the immune system

With a low carbohydrate content, mushrooms are not fatty. Composed of 90% water, they contain few calories (30 calories per 100g). Containing good fibers, they limit the desire to snack between meals. The vitamins in mushrooms help to burn fat and proteins.

In addition, several studies show that the white mushroom would stimulate the immune response by increasing the production of antiviral proteins, capable of repairing body tissues. This is an asset in the fight against viruses and diseases due to seasonal changes.

Enough to push you to go picking! Don't forget to show your mushrooms to a pharmacist if you have any doubt because they can be deadly...

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