Summer is coming soon, the perfect opportunity to eat lighter dishes. However, lighter and healthier does not mean tasteless! To motivate you to prep your summer body, MyZen TV has selected 3 healthy and tasty meals for summer.

Niçoise salad

Niçoise salad

It's the perfect summer meal! An inexpensive but tasty meal that all Mediterranean people know: the Nicoise salad. A true institution, this world-famous salad is a breath of fresh air and nutrients for the body and health. So, you may find seasonal vegetables such as tomatoes, radishes, artichokes, mesclun and cébettes. For proteins, take tuna, anchovies and eggs.

A little tip: rub the dish with the garlic and don't mix anything. A good olive oil and that's it. Don't forget a few basil leaves to enhance the dish.

Pasta with homemade pesto

3 healthy and tasty dishes - Pasta with homemade pesto

Pesto is one of the most famous sauces in the world. Unfortunately, many food companies have largely transformed the recipe into a caloric and chemical sauce. So, to go back to the traditional pesto al genovese, you'll need: a mortar and pestle, garlic, salt, basil, pine nuts and pecorino cheese (parmesan cheese will also do).

Start by adding salt to crush the garlic. Add the basil and then the pine nuts. Finally the pecorino. Mix everything with olive oil. And that's it! A simple sauce, which does not need to be cooked and which can be put on the pasta at the last minute.

Grilled octopus with vegetables

3 balanced and tasty dishes - Grilled octopus with vegetables

Octopus is growing everywhere on the French coast. The Atlantic is increasingly full of them, which makes their price very low and attractive! Until June, its season allows you to make many healthy and tasty recipes. Buy an octopus from your fishmonger and cut the tentacles into thick slices. Grill them on the barbecue and season them with a little olive oil. To accompany this, a vegetable macedoine will do perfectly.

Now you know 3 healthy and tasty meals to eat all summer long!

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