MyZen TV doubles your daily dose of yoga this month with a series of programs on this ancient practice. What if we took the opportunity to eliminate the myths surrounding this practice?

Clichés are hard to live with! In the field of sport and well-being, no exception! MyZen TV breaks down 3 stereotypes about yoga today.

Yoga is an activity exclusively for women

Why should only women have access to this whole activity? That would be unfair... The cliché comes from the fact that you supposedly need a certain flexibility to practice yoga. Well, yes and no! Yoga exists in all its forms and all its variations, each one can find their own happiness according to their physical characteristics. Besides, who said that men lacked flexibility?

Yoga is not a sport

Legally speaking, it is. But only someone who has never tried it would dare to say that it is not a sport! Of course, it is not a sport in the traditional sense because it is not subject to competitions but it is still an extremely physical activity that makes the whole body stronger. Fun fact: in France, it is an activity that depends on the ministry of culture and not on sports!

Yoga is an activity for the enlightened

Here is a very serious misconception about yoga. Some people think that the practice of yoga is reserved for "hippies", "baba-cool", enlightened people... Well, first of all, the lifestyles of the ones and the others must be respected in all circumstances. And secondly, it's totally false! This stereotype comes from the fact that the very spiritual aspect of yoga is often put forward by yogis. Of course, the psyche has a very important place in this doctrine, but we must not forget the physical aspect. Yoga relaxes your muscles, reduces your stress, boosts your immune system, improves your flexibility, increases your brain capacity by mixing physical and mental preparation. It is therefore far from being a philosophy of enlightened people.

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