Just starting out in yoga and not sure what accessories you will need? MyZen TV shares its list of 5 essential accessories to start yoga.

Accessory 1 : yoga mat

The yoga mat is the most essential accessory for your yoga sessions. It will accompany you during all your figures. There are different models, different sizes and materials… You have to choose what will correspond to you the best. Pay a particular attention to its cleaning, after each session, because it is in constant contact with the feet, the face, the sweat…

Accessory 2 : the flask

Hydration is essential during physical activity, so don't forget your flask ! And forget about plastic water bottles, which are disastrous from an ecological point of view.

Accessory 3 : the yoga brick

The yoga brick is useful to realize some postures of yoga. There are different thicknesses and different materials : plastic, wood, cork…

Accessory 4 : a comfortable outfit

Choose a comfortable outfit in which you feel great. Choose soft clothes, close to the body to facilitate your movements and the realization of positions.

Accessory 5 : a bag

Finally, the last essential accessory is a large bag in which you can put all your yoga necessities away !

You are now well equipped! These 5 essential accessories to start yoga will allow you to be serene for your first session. Visit our streaming platform MyZen TV to discover many yoga classes for all levels.