How complicated it is to wake up… How difficult it is to get out of bed on a cold morning. We are tired of our night, we are always a little chilly and we can also be a little stiff. You energy is probably not at the best when winter is here… And what if you did some stretching? Stretching is a great way to stay in shape and maintain your muscles without straining them too much. For you, MyZen TV has selected 5 positions to stretch in the morning.

1. The arms

You probably already do this in the morning when you get up. And that's good! Sit cross-legged or on the edge of your bed. Stretch out your arms toward the sky and join your hands together. Ten seconds is enough. This stretch keeps you flexible and energized.

2. The neck

Whether you're a manual worker or sit behind a screen, your neck is in demand all day long. So it's important to maintain it. Still cross-legged or on the edge of the bed, slowly tilt your neck from left to right. You'll see, no more tension during the day!

3. The back

Ah back problems… They are incredibly painful! So it's important to take care of your back. So, lie down on your bed, place your arms in a cross, bend your knees (like a baby) for 30 seconds. Then change sides. You will see, the back stretches instantly .

Be careful if you experience back pain, don't hesitate to consult a doctor!

4. The quadriceps

Do your legs feel heavy or numb? Lie down on your bed, bend your leg, grab your knee and bring your thigh as close as possible to your chest. This will stretch your thigh and relieve the ankle joint.

5. A little flexibility

To finish, work on your flexibility by standing up and trying to touch your feet. Be careful, do not force yourself, it would be counterproductive. This exercise, if done every day, will allow you to quickly gain flexibility!

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