As you know, yoga is good for children. But how do you get them to practice the activity with enthusiasm? To find out, MyZen TV has selected 5 yoga positions for your little ones.

1. The bee

Yoga position for children: the bee
Bee position

First position: The bee! The child imitates a bee by sitting cross-legged and placing both hands, one inside the other. When the child spots a small flower on the left, they spread their wings by extending both hands behind their head. To gather food, the bee leans to the left, reaching out towards the imaginary flower. Suddenly, the bee spots another flower on the right and leans to the right to collect it, straightening up and leaning to the right again.

2. The accordion

Yoga posture: the accordion
The accordion position

Second position: the accordion. The child sits up straight with their feet on the floor and brings their hands together. They exhale loudly, imitating the sound of an accordion. Then, they open their arms backward, simulating the expansion of the lungs and the inflation of the accordion. Finally, they release the air, repeating the exhaling motion from the first step.

3. The tree in the wind

The tree's position in the wind
The tree's position in the wind

Third position: the tree in the wind. The child stands firmly like a tree with their arms stretched out like branches. They imagine themselves being swayed by the wind, gently moving from left to right, mimicking the movement of the branches. They gradually simulate the wind dying down, and then picking up again, causing the tree to sway more vigorously.

4. The archer

Yoga posture for children: the tree in the wind
The archer's position

Fourth position: the archer. The child stands tall with legs spread apart and arms extended outward, mimicking the stance of an archer preparing to shoot. Then, one arm is brought close to the body, with the hand forming a fist and the thumb and index finger touching. Turning the head towards the outstretched arm, the child envisions a distant target. To blend in and prepare for the shot, the child slightly bends the knees and opens the right hand while exhaling forcefully.

5. The eagle in the wind

The golden eagle's position
The golden eagle's position

Fifth position: the golden eagle. Standing tall, the child embodies a majestic golden eagle. With feet spread apart and a slight bend in the knees, the child prepares to open their wings. They slowly extend their arms outward, one with the thumb pointing up and the other with the thumb pointing down. As the arms come together, the child stretches their back, forming the shape of an eagle in flight.

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