Are you afraid of the difficult digestion that awaits you after the copious meals of the end-of-year celebrations? We have the solution for you! MyZen TV invites you to discover 5 yoga postures that will help you ease your digestion.

1) The torso twist posture

Posture de la torsion du buste

The best posture to aid digestion is the torso twist posture, also known as the torso twist.

Sitting down, place your right foot on your left thigh and place your right arm at the back of your body. Then exhale and turn your head and chest to the right.

The torso twist posture provides an internal massage of the organs and is beneficial for constipation and digestion.

2) The camel posture

Posture du chameau

Knees on the floor, grab your heels with your hands while arching your back. This posture will allow you a complete abdominal massage, which will help the digestive system by stimulating the movements of the intestine.

However, if you suffer from sciatic hernia or back pain, it is best to avoid the camel pose.

3) The cobra posture

Posture du cobra

The cobra pose consists of lying on your stomach, body and knees straight and feet together. With your hands at chest level, breathe in while lifting your upper body and look upwards.

This posture will help the kidneys and intestines function better and helps relieve menstrual, back and abdominal pain.

4) The clamp posture

Posture de la pince

To help with your digestion, consider the clamp posture! Rest your torso on your outstretched legs and grab your toes. 

This posture has a direct effect on digestion and appetite. Indeed, it soothes intestinal disorders by massaging the organs of the belly.

5) The posture of the sage Marichi

Posture du sage Marichi

Let's finish with the posture of the sage Marichi. Sitting with your legs straight on the floor, put your left foot over your right knee. Grasp your left knee bent towards the sky with your right elbow. Behind you, place your left hand on the floor, inhale, expand your spine and draw in your navel.

The Marichi sage pose tones the belly, improves digestion and stimulates the abdominal organs such as the liver and kidneys.

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