Do you want to do yoga with your child? But is it really a good idea? The answer is YES! The benefits of yoga for kids are numerous. MyZen TV is here to explain it all to you!

A mother and daughter practice a yoga stretch
A mother and daughter practice a yoga stretch

The benefits of yoga for kids

The benefits for concentration

For a child, a yoga session is a source of benefits for the development and management of his emotions. Indeed, during their first years, children often have difficulty in channelling their feelings and emotions: crying, anger... Their brains are not mature enough to manage all of their moods alone.

This is the role of the adult: to accompany the child in this management, and yoga is an effective tool to achieve this.

On a psychological level

Yoga allows a better listening to one's body and thus an increased knowledge of one's feelings. To achieve this, time should be taken for various exercises, so that the child can concentrate on what he/she can feel while breathing, moving, stretching, etc.

Simple exercises allow the child to become more and more comfortable with his or her body and to have a relaxed mind. This is part of the first learning of the link between mind and body. Good breathing and adapted exercises allow a real reduction in stress and work on self-confidence. Focusing the child on listening to his or her body also helps to improve concentration. Frustrations are managed, on a dedicated time, we take the time to listen to ourselves. Taking the time to observe breathing, calming the child, expressing feelings... All this is also part of the objective of yoga: to calm down in order to gain concentration.

What about the body ?

Yoga is the practice of a set of postures and breathing exercises that aims to bring about both mental and physical well-being. Whether practised at school or with parents, at home or outdoors, yoga has many benefits for children. But did you know that it is also good for the unborn child? It activates blood circulation, cell oxygenation and the baby's oxygenation. But prenatal yoga has other benefits for mother and child.

Thus, yoga allows us to gain peace and relaxation from a very young age. It can improve the heart function or strengthen and stretch the spine. Yoga has real benefits for the muscular system: it stretches muscles, makes joints more flexible, tones up... Finally, it relieves all types of pain: respiratory problems, backache, improves digestive problems; and of course, yoga helps to reduce fatigue.

What equipment should you use?

  • The yoga mat is the most essential accessory for your yoga sessions. It will accompany you during all your figures.
  • Hydration is essential when doing physical activity, so don't forget your water bottle!
  • Choose comfortable clothing that you feel comfortable in. Choose soft, close-fitting clothes to make it easier for you to move and perform the positions. Your children will not be able to follow you if they are not comfortable.

As you can see, the benefits of yoga for children are numerous and we encourage you to practice it with your little ones.

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