It's hard to live without them... Phones play an important, almost major, role in our lives. But sometimes they can be toxic. So, how can we live without them? Or rather, how can we evaluate our screen consumption? MyZen TV guides you step by step through three stages to disconnect from screens.

Defining a framework

The first step in learning to disconnect from screens is very simple: write down what you want to change in your relationship with your phone. Also, observe how you feel after using your favorite applications: what's your mood like? Do you feel better or worse? The aim is not to deprive yourself of your phone but to use it more intentionally!

Removing pollution

Secondly, deactivate the alerts and notifications. The immediate benefits are guaranteed! Ringtones, audible alerts, notifications, vibrations, and lights in the middle of the night disrupt your attention and quality of life. For instance, when you are concentrating on a manual task or engaging in an entertaining activity such as reading, sports, or cooking, turn your phone over to avoid disturbances.

It is crucial to avoid checking "feed" applications in the evening. Aside from wasting time, incessant scrolling completely disrupts our brain's reward system. In other words, once you start, it becomes extremely difficult to stop... Goodbye restful sleep.

Delete unnecessary applications

Finally, delete the applications you don't need. Do you really need so many? Get rid of the applications that are wasting your time - you can always access them on your computer! This will enable you to focus on what is truly essential.

So, are you ready to start disconnecting from your screens? Having the willpower is already a good start!

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