Here is a magical place! The city of Santa Claus will definitely amaze both children and adults in a fairytale setting…

Indeed, under its white coat of snow, Rovaniemi is, apparently, the birthplace of Santa Claus. MyZen TV invites you to discover this very special city located on the Arctic Circle.

The city of Santa Claus is unique in the world

As you might expect, Santa has built a huge village to accommodate his friends from all over the world. Santa's home is located in the mysterious Mount Korvatunturi (literally "Mount of the Ear"), in Finnish Lapland. Since his exact address is a secret known only to a select few, he decided to set up his office in Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, in 1985. Rovaniemi received the status of Santa's official hometown in 2010.

In a wonderful setting, discover the 50 attractions provided by the most famous village in the middle of Lapland. From the residence of the post office elves to reindeer rides, the city of Santa Claus will undoubtedly leave you with wonderful memories!

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