Getting your children to eat vegetables is quite a story... They cry, they balk and spend hours over their plate of green beans. Have you tried to explain to them why they are good for them? Without success... Don't worry, Myzen TV gives you some tips on how to get your kids to eat vegetables.

Make it pretty!

Children judge everything by their eyes. Spinach porridge will always be less appetising than a dish designed for children. In fact, by arranging the vegetables in a playful way on the plate, your little ones will find it easier to eat them. For example, why not make a green bean house? Or a man with traditional carrot peas? It may seem simple, but children only know what they see.

Original presentation of a ratatouille
Original presentation of a ratatouille

Another tip: don't hesitate to play with colours! A little red pepper in the middle of the courgettes never hurts to convince your children to finally eat their vegetables.

Mix the ingredients

You have to find the right mix between the products that they love and the vegetables. However, you don't want to use three tons of salt or litres of ketchup to get through a few broccoli. Now, there's still the old trick of cheese on vegetables. However, it is important to remember that children should not be overly accustomed to unreasonable cheese consumption, so use it wisely!

Tomato sauce
The tomato : your best ally !

For example, use a slightly sweet (for acidity) tomato coulis on your vegetables. Generally, children appreciate the fruity taste of tomatoes and will be more inclined to taste the red colour. Of course, there is nothing to stop you adding a little parmesan cheese to the mix!

Don't tell them everything...

This technique should be used as a last resort. If your children are reluctant to eat your vegetables, maybe you shouldn't tell them that theyr are eating eat. For example: You've made a delicious vegetable soup? Add some vermicelli or alphabet pasta. Just say it's a broth to colour the pasta. And it usually works. So you're not telling the entire truth... But it's for their own good!

To sum up, use colour, nice shapes, mix vegetables in other dishes, sprinkle them with tomato or as a last resort, embellish the truth.

Now you know how to get your kids to eat vegetables!

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