At a dinner, the aperitif is often the most treacherous moment… We feast on petits fours, verrines and other appetizers that quickly ruin our appetite. When we do the math, the appetizer cost us a lot of calories. But don't panic, MyZen TV has prepared a few ideas to teach you how to make an healthy aperitif for the holidays festivities !

1. Lumpfish eggs

Not surprisingly, lumpfish eggs are very high in protein and low in fat. You can eat them without worrying too much. However, be careful with the bread and butter that are supposed to carry them… Indeed, prefer a simple or artisanal bread rather than industrial slices. The latter contain sugar and a bit of fat. Take a baguette, cut thin slices of bread and put just a dab of butter, then, add your eggs.

2. Vegetables

There's nothing less exciting than vegetables with a simple white sauce in the middle of a table, right? Instead of buying them off the shelf, cut up your own vegetables and serve them with a real homemade mayonnaise. Out of ideas for your vegetables? Cauliflower, carrots, radishes, celery… They can all be used!

3. Grison meat

This beef preparation will delight your taste buds but also your figure. Indeed, the meat of grison comes from a lean part of the beef. For 100 grams of this product, you will take a large dose of protein. This is perfect for your muscles!

4. Beware of breadsticks !

It's the ultimate traitorous appetizer… Breadsticks taste great, but they are also very high in calories! Especially if you choose them with oil or with seeds on them. Indeed, rich in oil, sesame seeds will increase the caloric value of your breadstick. The trick? Make them as simple as possible! They will be less fatty, less stuffy and less greasy.

Here are our tips for a healthy aperitif during the holidays.

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