For the festive season, MyZen TV offers you a selection of its best Christmas programmes that will warm your heart and mind from 5th December every Monday at 6.30pm.



MyZen TV offers you an exclusive Herbarium magazine! It’s time to explore some healthy and organic recipes from the Czech Republic! Catherine and Linda, our two beautiful cooks present you the original and healthy recipes using seasonal products while cooking in harmony with nature, just like our grandmothers. Their overwhelming energy will convince you that the art of cooking is totally fun! Join us on an unforgettable culinary journey with MyZen TV.

Luana's Kitchen

The Belmondo family is reunited for Christmas, they will make smoked salmon garnished with vegetables, a very simple dish to prepare. They will also cook a string beef with salsa verde, which means with green products such as herbs or capers.

Through your eyes

For the first time in television, you will experience the world differently.… We propose a travel around the world with Sophie, an exceptional blind journalist accompanied by her guide dog Pongo. Prestigious sites, elaborated monuments, or master pieces… Sophie cannot see them. For her, discovering can only be done through her senses: touching, smelling, tasting, and hearing. From there on, Sophie proposes a unique vision, a new perspective. A perception that also brings sighted people to question their way of discovering new sites.

Explore TV

Trevor boards the Akademik Ioffe, an expedition ship exploring Canada’s Maritimes. They travel on the expedition ship to Louisebough, and to Sable Islands with the wild horses, Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island and also to the Magdalen Islands.

Hera’s Angel

Three Greek women, Eirini, Maria and Andriana, join together for a ‘girls only’ ski touring and snowboarding adventure in Greece. From the mythical summits of Mount Olympos to the face melting views of Dirfys Mountain, the mountain of the goddess Hera, the Angels deliver a clear message. Ski touring and snowboarding are for everyone, and Greece is the perfect place for both!

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