Did you know that yoga is a healthy activity? Whether practiced alone or in a group, yoga can take care of your body and mind. MyZen TV today shows you three benefits of yoga on the body and mind.

A psychological benefit

One of the main benefits of yoga is psychological well-being. Indeed, working on one's breathing and concentrating on oneself allows to strongly decrease stress. It also helps to ease anxiety and to a greater extent to get away from depression.

A biological benefit

According to several scientific studies, yoga could reduce blood pressure. This decrease is excellent news because it keeps us away from cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, the practice of yoga would also allow to decrease the bad cholesterol while increasing the good one!

Of course, this apply in the context of a regular practice of yoga and a healthy lifestyle.

A muscular benefit

Yoga has many virtues for the muscular system. Indeed, it allows the stretching of the muscles, the softening of the joints and it tones up.

Finally, it relieves all types of pain: respiratory disorders, back pain …

In addition, it improves digestive disorders and reduces fatigue.

So, convinced by the benefits of yoga on the body and mind ? No more excuses for not doing it!

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