Tea is the star drink of breakfast, finally on par with coffee... Have you heard about the benefits of this beverage? Would you like to start your day with a delicious hot cup of tea? But how can you distinguish between green tea and black tea? Don't worry, Myzen TV will explain it to you!

What is tea?

Unsurprisingly, tea is an infusion made from tea leaves. In everyday consumption, there are two main types of tea: green tea and black tea.

Green tea

green and black tea

Green tea is made from tea leaves that undergo minimal oxidation. After being harvested and dried to eliminate the enzyme responsible for oxidation, the green tea leaves are ready for consumption. It's important to note that green tea has a shorter shelf life compared to black tea, especially in terms of taste.

Black tea

green and black tea

Black tea is the most widely consumed type of tea in the world! Our English friends are well aware of this and enjoy it throughout the day, especially with the traditional Earl Grey. It's important to note that black tea is essentially the same as green tea, with the difference being that it undergoes complete oxidation. This process is also referred to as fermentation, although yeast does not play a role in modifying the tea.

Which one to choose?

Tea, a symbol of English culture

For health benefits, green tea contains a higher amount of antioxidants compared to black tea. This is attributed to the elevated presence of polyphenols that remain unaltered due to minimal oxidation. However, black tea shouldn't be underestimated!

Indeed, black tea contains higher levels of theaflavins, which are believed to be effective in combating diabetes.

In short, regardless of your choice of drink, tea offers numerous virtues, and most importantly, it contains no calories.

Now you know the difference between these two great teas. So don't hesitate any longer and try several teas to discover your personal preference!

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