Do you suffer from sleep disorders? Are you stressed and anxious? Why not try yoga nidra? Today, MyZen TV tells you more about this method, also called "sleep yoga". The perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries.

What is it?

Literally, yoga nidra means "yogic sleep". Practised while lying down, yoga nidra is a method of relaxation. The aim is to remain motionless in order to help you breathe better by carrying out breathing exercises, meditation, visualisation or the repetition of a mantra. Yoga Nidra is about reconnecting with yourself. This yoga allows your to take a calm moment, which helps to disconnect from reality and forget the hectic pace of everyday life. It is highly recommended for people who are anxious and tired to practice this gentle method.

Also, this type of yoga makes it possible to avoid taking sleep-inducing drugs. Thus, in addition to facilitating sleep, yoga nidra allows you to know your body better.

What are its benefits?

Many studies show the multiple benefits of yoga nidra:

  • A method that leads the person into a state of relaxation, it subsequently improves sleep and allows the person to go to bed relaxed and serene.
  • Through the meditation exercises you perform in this yoga, you will be able to better control your emotions and manage your stress.
  • It allows a total letting go thanks to the half-sleep in which you are during this practice.
  • It improves concentration and memory.

Does this make you want to try this miraculous method? Then, don't hesitate any longer and try this natural method over self-medication. This will allow you to work on your flexibility while making it easier to fall asleep. All good things in the end!

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