The year 2022 is definitely over. And with a new year comes new resolutions! So, as we start January 2023, MyZen TV invites you to discover 7 easy resolutions to adopt for 2023.

1) Think positive

Thinking positive is the key to having a good year. See the glass as half full and not half empty! Yes, it is essential not to brood in order to achieve your goals. If you have difficulties, let yourself go, have a good cry and then move on and get back on track! By adopting a positive attitude, you will adopt a more serene life with less stress and anxiety!

To be relaxed and positive, consider practicing a little yoga or meditation!

2) Get back in shape

Do you know the saying "A healthy mind in a healthy body"! Practicing sports will allow you to stay in shape and to release useful hormones for relaxation and well-being.

You don't know how to do it? We have the solution! MyZen TV offers special fitness programs. The perfect opportunity to get back into shape!

3) Disconnect from social networks and screens

Or at least, decrease your screen time! Screens and social networks are factors of fatigue, stress and pressure, so disconnect a little. Enjoy life, your friends and family, set up wellness rituals and discover new activities.
This new year should allow you to discover and bring you new opportunities!

4) Consume in an eco-friendly way

Consuming more responsibly is a rather easy resolution to apply at the beginning of 2023. Reduce your consumption rate, consume in an eco-responsible way by buying more ecological products. Recycle, do not waste water or electricity. For your clothes, prefer second hand instead of buying directly in store.

5) Nourish your body and mind

To feel good, it is very important to feed yourself… and we are not only talking about eating well! In fact, there are many simple actions to adopt to feed your mind positively: get fresh air regularly, focus on the positive, surround yourself with optimistic and smiling people, read books that make you happy, let your creativity speak when you want…

And on the subject of the body, try to diversify your diet by trying new recipes with seasonal fruits and vegetables!

6) Take time for yourself

In the same idea, it is essential to take time for yourself. To do this, start by defining what "taking time for yourself" means to you: is it sports? Cooking? Painting? Reading a book?

Ask yourself what activity you would do if you had more time. This is a good way to identify what you are missing and will certainly motivate you to take the time you need to finally do it!

7) Take it easy on yourself!

The key word of your year must be: you. You must respect yourself, do what you like, don't ask too much of yourself and don't set limits on your projects. Listen to yourself, listen to your body, be attentive to yourself. You have to take care of yourself, that's the most important thing!

So, what do you think of these resolutions easy to adop for 2023? Ready to start this new year? Find all our wellness tips on our streaming platform MyZen TV!