After the festive season, resuming or starting a sporting activity might feel like a challenge. Overeating and lack of motivation make it particularly difficult to get back into the swing of things. Here are some tips to assist you in rekindling your sporting momentum.

Start slowly: Following a period of inactivity or feasting, don't throw yourself into intense exercise! Keep your sessions short and moderate to allow your body to adapt gradually.

Set realistic goals: Avoid setting your sights too high from the outset. Instead, set achievable goals to keep you motivated.

Opt for an activity you enjoy: Choose a sport you like. This will make exercise more enjoyable and increase your chances of persevering over time.

Get a partner: Training with a friend or joining a group can make the experience more social and stimulating. You can also encourage each other.

Establish a routine: Build time slots dedicated to your sessions into your schedule. Creating a routine will facilitate your commitment and help you maintain your practice over the long term.

Prioritize rest and recovery: Give your body the time it needs to recover between sessions. Rest is crucial to avoid injury and improve your performance.


Getting back into or starting sport can seem daunting, but it's entirely possible with a realistic and progressive approach. Remember, every little step counts towards your fitness goals!

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