Are you expecting a baby and wondering if you can still exercise? The answer is yes, but be careful! MyZen TV shows you today why and how to exercice during your pregnancy.

Reasons why you should exercice during pregnancy

It is not mandatory to exercice during your pregnancy if you do not want to. However, if you are naturally inclined to exercise and wish to continue or, on the contrary, if you would like to take advantage of this moment to start exercising, it can be very beneficial for you to do so, but with care!

But why should you do sports? It has been shown that exercising, in addition to being good for the body, has a very positive impact on one's state of mind: boosting self-confidence, reducing anxiety and the risk of depression… it is good to be physically active at any time of life, and this is no different during pregnancy!

In addition to this, sleep can be disturbed during pregnancy. Being active allows you to expend energy and therefore sleep better at night. Also, sport will prepare your body for childbirth since it stimulates cardiac and respiratory activity.

By coupling it with a healthy and varied diet, we guarantee that your mood will be good! Physical activity also reduces the risk of gestational diabetes, which is not insignificant.

Exercising will also be beneficial for your unborn baby! It has been proven that it helps the child's brain development but is also positive for his mental health, his weight and his heart.

It is important to consult a doctor before starting any activity. You should also choose certain sports over others.

The sports to be favored during pregnancy

You won't be surprised to learn that we advise against all high-risk sports during pregnancy: canyoning, skiing, climbing, combat sports… it is absolutely necessary to avoid any risk of shock that could unfortunately lead to a miscarriage.

Here is a list of sports to practice for a pregnant woman:

  • Hiking and walking: This is a perfect activity for a pregnant woman because it can be practiced during the entire pregnancy and is easily accessible to everyone. This activity is ideal for those who did not practice sports before their pregnancies. We recommend that you walk for 30 to 40 minutes a day on level ground or easy surfaces to avoid any risk of falling.
  • Swimming: excellent for working your heart and breathing, swimming has the advantage of being a gentle activity that allows you not to feel the weight of your body. Ideally, you should swim on your back and breaststroke to avoid putting too much pressure on your back.
  • The elliptical bike: to avoid any risk of falling, the elliptical bike is a good solution to work on your breathing and build up your legs. Indeed, the legs can often suffer during pregnancy and it can be beneficial to work them to limit this pain.
  • Gentle muscle strengthening: doing some muscle strengthening sessions can be useful during pregnancy. In particular, to strengthen your back and legs. However, you must be very careful and use very reasonable loads in a gentle way: do not force too much!
  • Prenatal yoga: At MyZen TV, you know that we are already convinced of the benefits of yoga on the body and mind. So, we can advise you to practice this gentle and relaxing activity during your pregnancy. And, in a few years, you can even introduce your child to this practice!
  • Aqua yoga: combining the benefits of swimming and prenatal yoga, aqua yoga is the ideal activity for a pregnant woman since it presents very little risk of injury. Among the notable benefits, besides the obvious relaxation that this activity provides, we can cite the improvement of balance and concentration. It can also rectify sleep disorders.

Exercise during pregnancy with caution and moderation 

It is clear that exercising during pregnancy has many benefits. However, we would like to emphasize one very important point: you should not take it lightly and be very careful. Your primary objective should not be to keep the weight off and to stay slim at all costs, but rather to relax and to approach this particular period with serenity. In the end, it's all a question of moderation, do it to feel good and to live these nine months in the best state of mind possible.

So, do you think you will exercice during your pregnancy ? You can start today by watching our fitness course dedicated to the preparation for pregnancy and childbirth.

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